John Pilger Deconstructs the New World Order

November 27, 2013, part 1 of 1.
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30 November 2013
By Hereward Fenton


John Pilger

My guest today is legendary filmmaker John Pilger, who has just released a new documentary, ‘Utopia‘, which documents the ongoing oppression of Australia’s indigenous people which Pilger first highlighted in his 1985 film ‘The Secret Country‘.

During our interview Pilger explains how the false left/right paradigm disguises a much deeper agenda of control which we see being played out all over the world. He highlights the way in which racist policies such as the Northern Territory Intervention have been used in a sense to trial new ways of controlling populations, which are now being rolled out nationally, and across all ethnic divisions.

Pilger talks of a new class division which is being created within modern society, between those who are willing to go along with an increasingly tyrannical system and those who are marginalised to the status of a disenfrachised under class, whose lives are monitored, controlled and restricted in a multitude of ways.

Pilger also talks about the role of the media in falsely representing the policies of the major parties, giving us the illusion that we are able to make a meaningful choice when it comes time to vote, whereas, in fact, whichever way we vote things turn out pretty much the same. He argues that similar PR (or propaganda) techniques have been used to ‘sell’ wars to us in order to keep us compliant.

Also in today’s show, we bring you some media clips in relation to welfare quarantining and the Basics Card.

I believe today’s show is an important contribution to the worldwide struggle against encroaching tyranny. If you feel the same, please forward this link to your contact list.



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