The Rise of the Modern Nazis White Power USA


Uploaded on Jan. 18, 2010

Part 1
A news report by Democracy Now based on an item that appeared on the Al Jazeera news network. About the rise of extreme racist/neo-Nazi groups in the USA. In 2009 there was over 900 of these such groups and rising.

Nick Griffin is Guest Speaker at a conference in February in the USA 2010
Where many of the groups featured will have representatives. 

In February 2010 Nick Griffin will be guest speaker at the American Renascence conference in Virginia. Many of the people present will be representatives of the groups in this video which will include Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, KKK etc. 

Hate comments by neo-Nazi, Racist, BNP, EDL etc type trolls will be removed and blocked. By your beliefs you want to persecute people and remove their rights. And thusly I reserve the right to remove yours. Hate speech is not Free speech. 
If you have to use hate speech to get your point across you are either dumb as fk, or have and agenda to promote hate. Its not that difficult to understand. 

The full video can be watched here.

on the Al Jazeera network


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