Syria’s President Bashar Al Assad Uncensored interview with Barbara Walters

Published on 2 Sep 2013

The full interview, which was obfuscated to hide the reality of what the President Bashar 
al-Assad talked with Barbara Walters ABC Channel broadcaster
NOW we present the FULL interview of President Bashar Al-Assad with Barbara Walters.
Please share this video to reach the fact to the whole world.

The last question was hiding so much TRUTH that she already knows about the fact of the United States 
destroying peace and prosperity in the Middle East region. 
Bashar Al Assad is the greatest and the most supported president by his own people in the world at this 
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Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space

The Black Hawk War: Utah’s Forgotten Tragedy

Published on 7 Mar 2013

Chief Black Hawk, Utah’s famous Ute Indian leader, for just seven months led counter attacks against Mormon intrusion and domination, and three years campaigning for a peaceful end to the war. Brigham Young’s Black Hawk War in Utah was not a single event, there were some 150 bloody confrontations between Mormon settlers and North American Indian peoples over a 21 year period. 

The ancient and vibrant culture of Native Ute’s numbered in the tens of thousands, at minimum 50,000 or more. For over a hundred years the Ute’s had long before established a business of trade in horses, tanned leather, furs, silver, and crafts, that reached from the Columbia River to the Gulf of Mexico. Their prowess as a powerful nation spanned centuries of time.

Brigham Young declared Utah was the place, and Mormon settlers by the tens of thousands arrived in the territory during the years of 1847 thru 1870. It followed that Native Indian population steadily declined by 90 percent from disease, starvation, and violence! It is disturbing, but not surprising, the victors accounts brush by this tragedy. That Natives to the land were subjected to deceit, dishonesty, torture, mass butchery, rape, and death, death to others, to animals, plants, to the waters, and the land. 

Indigenous men, women, and children were left to wonder alone in a land they believed belonged to them for eternity. A people who in their final agony cried out “we are human too.” – Phillip B Gottfredson

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ISIL’s mercenary gangs expels al-Nusra Front terrorists from east Syria ~ Moroccans & Egyptians Americans jihadist mercenaries killed in Lattakia

the real Syrian Free Press


ISIL expels al-Nusra Front from east Syria

The battles that broke out between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and al-Nusra Front in east Syria have become more violent and cruel, conducive to the ISIL snatching to new areas from al-Nusra Front

These violent fights come under disputes related to the eligibility of each one to represent al-Qaeda organization in Syria

Syrian Breaking News Network has obtained private information emphasizes the ISIL dominating to Eshteeh al-Sharqi, Ghraibe and Mweleh villages located between Hasaka and Deir Ezzor

The information stresses that members of ISIL have headed to al-Sour town of Deir Ezzor countryside, while members of the Islamic Front and al-Nusra Front have mobilized to repel the ISIL advance on the area

In the same context, members of ISIL have withdrawn from al-Sabee village 13km southeast Markada town, Hasaka southern countryside after engaging severe clashes with al-Nusra, that sustained…

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440hz Music – Conspiracy To Detune Us From Natural 432Hz Harmonics? . . . so very diabolical! ~J

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Source: WhyDon’tYouTryThis?
Sunday, August 4, 2013
Thanks to D. 

Most music worldwide has been tuned to 440 hertz since the International Standards Organization (ISO) endorsed it in 1953. The recent rediscoveries of the vibratory / oscillatory nature of the universe indicate that this contemporary international concert pitch standard may generate an unhealthy effect or anti-social behavior in the consciousness of human beings.

A=432 Hz, known as Verdi’s ‘A’ is an alternative tuning that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432 Hz transmits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature.

There is a theory that the change from 432 Hz to 440 Hz was dictated by Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels. He used it to make people think and feel a certain manner, and to make them a prisoner of a certain consciousness. Then around 1940 the United States introduced 440…

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Corbett Interview – Faraj Muftah Describes the Fall of Libya

31 MAR 2014

Joining us on the program today are James and JoAnne Moriarty of We discuss their experiences as businesspeople in Libya since 2007 and as eyewitnesses to the destruction wrought by the NATO-sponsored Al-CIAda perpetrated overthrow of that country in 2011. From the truth about the outside forces brought in to destabilize the country to what really happened in Benghazi, their website and their DVD, Escape From Al Qaeda, is essential information for those seeking to get to the bottom of what really happened in Libya.

7  APR  2014

Today we continue last week’s conversation with James and JoAnne Moriarty of LibyanWarTheTruth.comand bring Faraj Muftah into the conversation. Muftah is a spokesman for the Warfalla tribe, the largest Arab tribe in Libya. We discuss the NATO-backed, Al-CIAda mercenary-led invasion of Libya in 2011 and how the very radical terrorists that the US claims to be fighting against are the ones in charge of the country today with the full backing and support of the US government. We also talk about the situation on the ground today and what life is like for the average Libyan.

Native America before European Colonization

Civilizations Of Antiquity

Published on Apr 8, 2013

Upon the arrival of Columbus in 1492 in the Carabean Islands, unknown to Columbus (and majority of the Eastern Hemisphere), he landed on Islands located in the middle of two huge continents now known has North America and South America that was teaming with huge Civilizations (that rivaled any in the world at that time) and thousands of smaller Nations and Tribes. With recent estimations, the population may have been over 100 million people that spanned from Alaska and Green Land, all the to the tip of southern South America. 

Pre Colombian North America (north of Mesoamerica):
In Pre-Canada, most people lived along the coast, along the major rivers

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