Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space


One response to “Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space

  1. Published on 16 Feb 2013

    Philip Marshall’s presentation has been edited down to 60 minutes from over 2 hours to remove all of the stuttering, mispeaks, ummms, ahhhs, you-knows, extra-long pauses, throat-clearing, and non-essential information so that you get just the facts as Philip researched them. It also explains why President Bush did not immediately respond to being informed that the U.S. had just been attacked while he was reading “The Pet Goat” book at the elementary school in Florida because he was waiting for the REST of the “attack” to finish completing. Commercial pilots listening to this will appreciate the technical explanations regarding why ONLY professional pilots would be able to figure out the deception/bamboozlement. There is zero operational evidence on Bin Laden’s participation in 911 but there are EIGHTY PAGES on the Saudi Intelligence involvement. Whomever takes over the United States Government automatically gets control of the U.S. Treasury System with unlimited funding of any activity that they choose.

    A Boeing 767 captain and former “special activities” contract pilot, Philip Marshall straps the reader into the cockpits of hijacked commercial airliners to tell the story of the most sophisticated terrorist attack in history. Based on a comprehensive ten-year study into the murders of his fellow pilots on 9/11, he explains how hijackers, novice pilots at the controls of massive guided missiles, were able to beat United States Air Force fighters to iconic targets with advanced maneuvering, daring speeds, and a kamikaze finish. The tactical plan was so precise that it rules out car-bombers and shoe-bombers known as al Qaeda, KSM, and Osama bin Laden. So then, who was it? That’s what you are about learn. Backed by official NTSB, FAA and black box recordings, Marshall finds the most capable and most documented group of conspirators buried deep within a Congressional Inquiry’s report and retraces their work in gripping detail. All of the solid evidence points to a dark collaboration between members of the Bush Administration and a covert group of Saudi government officials. This is a game changer that will finally set the record straight on the most horrific crime in US history.


    PLEASE NOTE: The domain name website was not working at the time of the creation of this video summary.


    The Big Bamboozle

    False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World

    Lakefront Airport New Orleans


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