The new NAKBA – EXODUS of the Palestinian people


From all over I got the information that Palestinian are not wanted, not in Turkey, Lebanon, Tunesia or Europe


The Palestinians became like the Jewish people in the Bible, as I wrote before the book Exodus rewritten:

EXODUS – het boek herschreven – Syrische vluchtelingen

Posted on May 26, 2014
wachtend op hun lot…waiting for their fate in the Netherlands

AfbeeldingBad circumstances, nothing to play, no privacy, no toys, no books, no mother, maby one hour a week to learn the Dutch language


In a AZC in the Nederlands,  the 2 brothers, his son and Hassan Moussa en Achmed Moussa

Syrian Refugees Exodus – the book rewritten
50,000 deaths of which 50,000 civilians and 8,000 children. 26,000 missing or hostages . Torture , beheadings . The horrors of war will never end . The outside world is gradually accustomed to the cold statistics of ever new victims. At…

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Business-As-Usual on a Dying Planet

Collapse of Industrial Civilization


A recent investigative piece by Vice on the aftermath of the BP oil spill, America’s most devastating environmental accident to date and the “largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry”, shows that people are still getting sick and dying in the Gulf region.

Award winning chemist, Dr. Wilma Subra, conducted blood tests on Gulf Coast residents who were symptomatic with new illnesses and found that some of the cancer-causing agents were 65 times the expected level in the victims blood tests. Subra noted that Corexit is in the air, the water and the Gulf resident’s blood.

“There’s a whole population that’s very sick and doesn’t have access to medical care, and that’s what we’ve been trying to work on now, from the very beginning, is getting them medical care so they will get better,” says Subra. “How many people do you think we’re talking about, do we have any guess?”…

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The Archons—Alien Intrusion

The Roots Of Evil


WERE ANCIENT BRONZE AGE civilizations taken over by sophisticated, parasitic extra-dimensional entities who manipulate the human mind to this day for their own evil purposes? Gnostic texts from 2000 years ago may hold the key to the greatest conspiracy in all human history!

The Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion
By John Lamb Lash,

Since the explosion of the ET/UFO phenomena in 1947, speculation about alien intrusion on planet Earth has been rampant. Half a dozen theories dominate the debate, but there is one theory that has yet to be examined. It did not emerge after 1947, but approximately 1600 years earlier. To be precise, the evidence of this theory came to light through a discovery in Egypt in December, 1945, although the significance of the find was not realized until—guess when? 1947.

In that year, French scholar Jean Doresse identified the Egyptian find at Nag Hammadi as a…

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Al-Manar Exclusive Photos for Neighborhoods in Old Aleppo


Last week, armed terrorists groups blew up the historic hotel in Aleppo just outside the city’s ancient citadel and the vaulted alleyways of its medieval Old City.

The explosion that brought down the Carlton Hotel, also led to the destruction of several ancient monuments in the Old City.

Al-Manar website obtained exclusive photos for the neighborhoods of the Old City. The photos show the massive destruction iflicted by the terrorists.

farhat-1farhat-2farhat-3farhat-4farhat-5farhat-6farhat-7farhat-8farhat-9farhat-10farhat-11Azouzi & Mahasham

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