The new NAKBA – EXODUS of the Palestinian people


From all over I got the information that Palestinian are not wanted, not in Turkey, Lebanon, Tunesia or Europe


The Palestinians became like the Jewish people in the Bible, as I wrote before the book Exodus rewritten:

EXODUS – het boek herschreven – Syrische vluchtelingen

Posted on May 26, 2014
wachtend op hun lot…waiting for their fate in the Netherlands

AfbeeldingBad circumstances, nothing to play, no privacy, no toys, no books, no mother, maby one hour a week to learn the Dutch language


In a AZC in the Nederlands,  the 2 brothers, his son and Hassan Moussa en Achmed Moussa

Syrian Refugees Exodus – the book rewritten
50,000 deaths of which 50,000 civilians and 8,000 children. 26,000 missing or hostages . Torture , beheadings . The horrors of war will never end . The outside world is gradually accustomed to the cold statistics of ever new victims. At…

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