Video: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Speaks 10 years after 9-11

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The Jewish question is whether or not Jewish people can choose to defend America if Israel is the nation that has been attacking the US and the world since 911.

Susan Lindauer is the daughter of a Republican candidate for Governor of Alaska and a cousin of Andy Card, Bush’s Chief of Staff. She was a CIA asset who was asked to work as a back channel to Iraq and to Libya. She also worked for the DIA. She was active in the anti-sanctions movement. Two million Iraqis died from those sanctions prior to the war. She was under indictment and a gag order thanks to the Patriot Act. She was convicted under the Patriot Act in 2008 and held for a year to keep her under wraps during the elections. She was never paid for the work she did. The only evidence at her trial was that she was…

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