History and Genocide of the Yezidis & 10 things to know about Yazidis

You, Me & The Universe

By http://www.GnosticTemplars.org – Full interview of Yezidi leader Mirza Ismail who discusses the mysterious ancient history of the Yezidis and their current dilemma. Unless the US Troop withdrawal date is extended past the end of 2011 the Yezidis could face full scale genocide at the hands of Moslem terrorists.

Find out what you can do to help by visiting: http://www.Yezidihumanrights.org

For more information please visit this website: http://www.Yeziditruth.org

Interview by Guardians of the Holy Grail Internet Radio Show With Mark Amaru Pinkham – To listen to past radio shows, please visit http://www.gnostictemplars.org/guardians.html.

Edited by KnightsTemplar.TV

An Iraqi Yazidi caretaker stands in front of the Yazidi temple. | AP Photo

American airstrikes hit Iraq on Friday morning with a dual purpose: to protect American citizens in Erbil and to shield an ancient religious minority from the impending threat of genocide. The population under threat are the Iraqi Yazidis, who fled Sunni fighters of the Islamic State…

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