How to assassinate a cyclist

Daniel J Towsey Autobiographies


by A Truth Soldier

(Also please read this related article that explains why this car was driven over me and information as to why the Halifax Police were involved in this below)

This is written for research purposes, any resemblance to what happened to this author on November 22 2009 is ABSOLUTELY deliberate.

So here we go..

You’ll need a team of four put into key positions.

But before you can do this you’ll have to do some research as to the cyclists regular routine or routes commonly used by the cyclist.

You’ll need to approach the cyclist to have a good look at his bicycles’ construction and quality.

When the opportunity presents it self, you’ll strike a friendly conversation with the cyclist. Ask him about his mountain bike.

Since he is a photographer that uses his bike to go on hikes, on nature trails…

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