VIDEO: Phosphorus Gas Part Of Ethnic Cleansing?

The United Roots of Zionism


VIDEO: Phosphorus Gas Part Of Ethnic Cleansing?

Political analyst Scott Rickard says Israel is intent on ethnic cleansing Palestinians on the Gaza strip.

He told Press TV on Saturday “This is genocide. This is ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Palestine,” Rickard said, adding that Israel’s crimes against Palestinians amount to “war crimes.”

These photos and video of phosphorus bombs from a few weeks ago support this.



Israeli forces airburst phosphorus shells over civilian areas. -(photo/ Uruknet)

Press TV recently aired a video showing Gaza being bombed with phosphorus gas, a highly lethal and illegal weapon especially when used on civilians.Below is an amateur video also showing phosphorus bombs being used.

Reports are coming out of Gaza that Israelis are using bombs containing phosphorus on the city, are leaving citizens screaming and running for their life.

Doctors Without Borders confirmed that phosphorus gas was dropped from planes on July 20, and other illegal weapons were being used. The following is excerpted…

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