The MYTH of AUTISM- How a misunderstood Epidemic is destroying our Children

Uploaded on 11 Feb 2011

The MYTH of AUTISM- How a misunderstood Epidemic is destroying our Children.

Dr. Michael Goldberg Knows What Causes Autism…
and It Isn’t Vaccines!

How a Misunderstood Epidemic is Destroying Our Children
By Dr. Michael J. Goldberg with Elyse Goldberg.

Everyone seems to agree that the United States is currently undergoing an epidemic of what is diagnosed as
autism. But, in the history of society, there has never been “an epidemic” of any developmental or genetic
disorder. So what is this “autism,” which has come to affect the lives of so many?
In The Myth of Autism. Dr. Michael Goldberg, the president of the Neuro-Immune Deficiency Medical
Advisory Board, and his colleagues, illustrate why autism must be a symptom of a treatable, neurological
disease that attacks the brain’s immune system. Since it is not something truly developmental, it is not
“locked in steel” from birth and, as a disease, it can and should be treated therapeutically. Through
Goldberg’s personal anecdotes, case studies, and original research, readers will come to understand that
autism is:
• Not psychological or developmental — it is a medical disease
• Caused by a dysfunction in the neuro-immune system
• Similar to ADD/ADHD and chronic fatigue in that they all have different “labels” but
are variations on the same thing: neuro-immune dysfunction
Dr. Goldberg sympathizes with parents who believe that vaccines play some part in an autism diagnoses,
but asserts this only seems to be the case because vaccinations are given at the same period of time in a
child’s life as the developing body undergoes immune changes. In The Myth of Autism, Goldberg explains
that if a disease itself, such as measles, could not cause autism, than it is impossible that the vaccine, itself
modified, could cause the disorder.
Goldberg explains that while a lot of inappropriate focus and attention has been misdirected towards
vaccines, the truth is that the only way that physicians have a real chance of curing and preventing autism is
if we begin to focus on the real problem, which is best understood as a complex immune, complex viral
disease process. Focusing on that disorder can rapidly bring about better efforts at therapy, and, considering
that there has not been ONE recurrence in a high risk family within Dr. Goldberg’s practice when following
very strict preventative pediatrics, efforts that could become preventative.
In order to save children from the disease and social stigma of autism, Dr. Goldberg unpacks the myth
behind the illness and provides a wealth of diagnostic and treatment information that will transform the life
of any person, friend, or family member somehow affected by this terrible disease.

About the Author:
DR. MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG received his medical degree from UCLA and trained at LAC–USC
Medical Center. He is the president of the Neuro–Immune Deficiency (NIDS) Medical Advisory Board and
is on the clinical teaching staff at both UCLA and Cedars–Sinai Hospitals. With seventeen years experience
in evaluating and treating autism, ADD/ADHD, and chronic fatigue syndrome, Goldberg is dedicated to
increasing public awareness of the connection between neuro–immune and/or auto–immune dysfunction
and other conditions, such as autism, ADD, Alzheimer’s, ALS, CFS/CFIDS, and MS.

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