Email between timothytrespas ( a targeted individual dying from morgellons, microwaves, gmo mite attacks, systemic disease, nanotechnology, etc) and my adoptive mother…

Tortured, Drugged & Bugged! Targeting, Gang-Stalking, Covert Drugging, HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION, Morgellons Microwaves, Energetic, Entomological, and Genetic weapons, the silent warfare of Mind Control in America & abroad. Illuminating darkness: By Timothy Trespas, an innocent human victim of the New World Order.

No summery of someone’s life does justice to the facts but here we try to get a drop if background so you may glimps my intent
Just so you know, I am 48 years old.
I have discovered I have been used as a human subject in a life long program of trauma based mind control, covert drugging, hypnotic programming, and recently, infection with mites and morgellons disease as well as Lyme disease
I have brain damage from being born with my umbilical cord in a knot, from whatever was done to me during 5 months of foster care, a week if missing time at age 4, over 20 years of drug addiction ((“due to hypnotic induction and trauma programming whip under powerful sodium pentathol. I was programmed using powerful drugs and techniques to be an addict and anti social person, then via a series of tricks and traps I…

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