Will Right-Wing Extremist Documentary Be Required Viewing in Florida?


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In America: Imagine the World Without Her, self-styled historian Dinesh D’Souza, who has a bachelor’s in English, argues that the American Indian genocide did not happen and that the taking of Indian lands was justified because that’s how it goes when one group of people meets another—and besides, Indian tribes had taken land from other tribes and therefore it didn’t belong to them anyway.

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Such outrageous statements from a right-wing extremist wouldn’t much matter, except that D’Souza’s work has received wide and vociferous acclaim and a state senator in Florida has introduced legislation that would make teachers show this pseudo-documentary to every 8th and 11th grader in the state.

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D’Souza blames what he calls the “shaming of America” on leftist intellectuals Howard Zinn, Saul Alinsky and Noam Chomsky. He proposes a conspiracy, in which President Barack Obama is a participant…

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NATO Commander: USA Must Train, Arm Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

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Enhanced Partners: Ukraine To Participate In NATO Exercise

March 3, 2015

Ukraine to take part in NATO crisis management exercise

KYIV: The NATO begins Annual Crisis Management Exercise, the NATO headquarters has told an Ukrinform correspondent in Brussels.

Australia, Finland, Japan, Sweden and Ukraine will participate alongside Allies in the exercise. South Korea, New Zealand and Georgia chose to observe the exercise,” the NATO press office says.

The exercise is designed to test the North Atlantic Council procedures at the strategic political-military level.

The scenario for the crisis management exercise consists of a crisis developing between two non-NATO states at distance from Alliance territory. It contains a humanitarian and maritime dimension, with implications for the security of the Allies.

The exercise will take place between 4 and 10 March 2015.

NATO Commander: U.S. Must Train, Arm Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine

March 3, 2015

NATO envoy: ‘Essential’ for US to train…

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Ottawa advised to share resource taxes with aboriginals

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EDMONTON – First Nations should get some of the money generated by resources on their lands, suggests a report commissioned by the federal government and the Assembly of First Nations.

The report, released Tuesday by the Working Group on Natural Resource Development, says a First Nations resource tax could be a consistent and practical way for mineral and energy wealth to benefit aboriginal communities.

“We strongly urge the federal government, along with the provinces and territories, to come together with First Nations to explore options for resource revenue sharing,” says the report.

“This discussion is long overdue and requires immediate action in order to bring greater predictability to resource development in Canada and establish a long-term pathway to greater First Nations self-reliance.”

READ MORE: First Nations resource development group stalled by the AFN 

The group was struck after a meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former Assembly of…

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