Baltimore to Be the Home of the First National Police Force Obama Promised


May 7, 2015 by

You will hear and obey me

Baltimore will soon be the first national police force that Obama promised and Al Sharpton has been promoting. (I’m waiting for the IRS to announce they made a mistake and instead of owing taxes, Sharpton has a 20 million dollar refund coming) For a while it looked like Ferguson would hold this distinction after Eric “Fast and Furious” Holder announced that the police force there was racist, but they weren’t willing to roll over. Obama will force it on them eventually, but Baltimore will be the first.

The mayor of Baltimore, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has requested that Loretta Lynch come in and take over control of their racist police department, even though almost half of their officers are black. Lynch testified in the Senate today and she was asked about the request from Baltimore and she claimed that she had not decided yet whether to accommodate Rawlings-Blake yet. Yeah, and OJ is still looking for the real killer. I predict that within the next seven days Lynch will be all over Baltimore.

I wrote an article about Obama announcing he was nationalizing all state and local police departments:

This will become the liberalization of the police force. There will be a quota of how many blacks and Hispanics can be arrested and charged with crimes. Liberals and Rand Paul have dreamed of this for a long time and now Obama will make it a reality. No matter how disastrous the results are, Obama will hail it as a major victory and then issue an executive order allowing him to expand his control over the police all over the country. It’s being described as a review but if you put lipstick on a pig it will still be Michelle Obama.

Dealing drugs will become misdemeanors and using drugs will be a small fine. Murders will become justified depending on the race of the killer and the killed. Poverty will be an excuse to overlook criminal actions and rioters will be viewed as mini MLKs.

And this is only the beginning. Obama has to work fast.


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