And the Violins Stopped Playing (1988)

Published on 31 Jan 2015

There are many films which focus on the plight of Jews during the Nazi Holocaust. This is one of the few that explores what happened to some of the others slated by Hitler for extermination, in this case, the Gypsies. In the story, Dymitr (Horst Bucholz) is a Gypsy violinist living in Warsaw. After the Jews are rounded up, he learns that the Gypsies will be next. With his wife and son, he seeks out a Gypsy camp outside of town, and becomes involved in an attempt to flee from the Nazis. Perhaps it is a mercy that these people are unaware of how much information they need to successfully escape. They are rounded up and sent to Auschwitz just as the survivors of the journey reach what they believe will be a safe haven in Hungary. In Auschwitz, though conditions are not as brutal for them as for the Jews, most of them die.


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