Published on 8 May 2015

They keep trying to say “no explosives” and “no explosions”….if you say “controlled demolition”, then they say:

Controlled demolition? “You’re just a crazy conspiracy theorist!”

Oh REALLY? You sick-o’s forgot that people were actually recording with their devices that day. A lot more of them than you thought would be. You also thought you could control public opinion, through the mainstream media control system owned by all FIVE of you!-the one you thought you still had a handle on, but the handle grip is slipping through your greedy little hands! (p.s.: Thank you, INTERNET alt. media)

The trolls, shills, and lies of the official government conspiracy cover-up crowd of 9/11. The “gatekeepers” of the lies, who are really just the same old sorry bunch of neo-conservative scumbags.

Face it, you mentally perverse, deranged criminals, the jig is up. Now the PEOPLE are AWARE of the fact that 9/11 was done by insiders. Those who are at the very top of government(s) and politics. Everyday, more people become aware of the TRUTH:

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB, done to go to war with countries that had nothing to do with it. All to further your greed-lust for financial gain and power.

America, the price we have all paid is far too high. That is why it’s high-time to bring those responsible to justice. Justus…I mean it’s going to take ‘just-us’ to do it, for the U.S. Federal Justice System in New York’s 2nd District has been infiltrated by the evil-doers.


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Health Hazard ALERT: N.I.H. Human Experiments

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Responses will be accepted through September 6th, 2016. NIH will consider all public comments before taking next steps.– Scientism –
Yes, many conspiracy researchers have spoken about these types of human experiments were underway for decades, and in some cases for centuries, which implies the organizations are simply introducing the concept to mass public awareness for determining the sentiment and fine tuning the marketing messages for acceptance.
The crisis in science continues to worsen,
I only found this government proposal today, it is very important, thus I pass it to you.
Please share and comment. ~Ron

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is seeking public comments on the proposed scope of certain human-animal chimera research that will be considered internally by an NIH steering committee and on a proposal to amend Section IV and Section V of the NIH Guidelines for Human Stem Cell Research.

You may provide comment to one or all of the topics in the comment boxes below.

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