Biological Warfare – Experiments on the American People

Published on 28 Jul 2013

Biological Warfare: Experiments on the American People
Dr. Garth Nicolson, Institute for Molecular Medicine………

1:00 They are primarily: bacteria, viruses, fungi, and plant toxins
1:27 Non-lethal or incapacitating agents are primarily used instead of lethal ones, and are the ones that usually leak into society without detection and can penetrate further and further . Non-lethal includes:
brucellosis, tularemia, Q fever, mycoplasma, enterotoxin, encephalitis, mycotoxins
2:15 He talks mainly about one type of mycoplasma patented by a US Army pathologist and was tested in the prison system in the USA. He believes it was released during the Gulf War, and about 40% of veterans had it, and the US Army doesn’t want to admit it’s in the veterans because they invented and patented it.
3:00 He calls the mycoplasma fermentans an agent because it was developed as a biological warfare agent, and it was modified from a naturally occurring agent in order to be less lethal, more difficult to find, and more capable of infection, and more pathogenic, which is true of all the biological agents.
4:00 Patients can be treated with Abx and other support.
27:00 ~ 40% of GW1 vets with illness had mycoplasma infections, and around 90% of those had the M. fermentans, which is very rare for just one agent to be involved in so many different cases. Family members also had this very high instance of infection of a single agent. Other populations show that there is a range of mycoplasmas and M. fermentans was usually around 40%.
33:47 DoD Vaccines and Gulf War Illnesses
1. Nondeployed had similar illnesses and received the same vaccines as deployed DoD personnel.
46:11 Why is this happening?
Title 50, Section 1521 allows human subjects in the US to be tested in chemical and biological agents by the DoD. All they have to do is get clearance from Congress to do it any time they like.
47:00 Mycoplasma Experiments were conducted in Texas prisons without consent, by C. Brown
The evidence came out because the guards and their families were getting sick, too, and the problems were similar to GWI. Huntsville, TX (three prisons) had a huge incidence of diseases, and the only thing in common with the illnesses were that someone in the family of the sick person worked in the prison. “Walls Unit”, death row, the prisoners were dying before they were executed. Congressional testimony in 1995.


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