Microwave Murder

Uploaded on 15 Jan 2009

the us government is shooting highly concentrated microwave beams into iraq from space which then targets people melting them into a pile of poo.

credit – luke rudkawski and truth to power

Uploaded on 25 Jun 2010

aka the Frey Effect. Microwave transmission of speech directly into the auditory cortex. The victim hears the message, but even a person laying in bed next to him/her can not hear the transmission. This is only one of the things that the microwave weapons can do to us.
btw, the standards for determining schizophrenia are being rewritten in 2010.

Uploaded on 13 Nov 2010

3 Reasons to Act Now against the New World Order, & the Communists: Satellite MKULTRA mind control, Active Denial System microwave heating of people for crowd control, and the FEMA Coffins that are waiting for the Sheeple.
New World Order.


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